Smashing it in the Press

Our coming opening on Friday 1st March is getting loads of attention, and we are humbled to see how many of you are booking tables for our first week or two!

Our local paper "Peterborough Telegraph" has featured us in a news story today, and we've also featured in Vegan Food & Living magazine.

From the Telegraph article;

" Despite having a purely plant based menu, Gareth is at pains to point out that they aren’t trying to create an environment that only vegans are welcome in, their food has been enjoyed by people with a varied range of diets and tastes. Their street food in particular has proved to be a massive success across the board, with menu items like their legendary Resist! Doner Kebab, slow cooked sticky BBQ ribs (with sugar cane bone), Fried Chickun varieties and their menu of loaded fries. All the food is made from scratch, in house by the team. Resist! pride themselves not only on providing groundbreaking incredible plant based food, but also solid ethics, holding ethics and sustainability high above all else. They are cruelty-free, pro-feminist, LGBTQIA+ friendly and community focused. They offer cruelty-free food, zero waste, carbon free certified dining, sweat shop free merchandise, safe spaces and grassroots arts."
Resist's own Lynn showing off one of our ethically made t-shirts



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