Resist! Joins the HackSpace

Updated: Oct 16

We are super stoked to be able to share the news that we will be finding a new physical home early in November 2020, taking over the small cafe at The HackSpace in the Peartree Business Centre in Bretton (Peterborough).

We feel it's a great place for us to be - and it should mean we can continue to offer an improved service, with deliveries, collections, and some eat-in facilities.

Message From Gareth

As you all know we've been looking for a spot for a while now and what with Hurricane Covid and everything, it's been scuffed for time. We've been approached by so many people wanting us to takeover or pop up and that's very warming and appreciated. Unfortunately we've also had to turn everything down as it doesn't match with our animal cruelty ethics and base unity ideals. We will never move on our ethics, we miss out on a lot at Resist! and seem to get ourselves into trouble too but hey.... that's the backbone and whole point of this adventure. A couple of weeks back we popped along to a place we'd never been to before, @thehackspacepb   (Bretton) to meet their top boy Tyler. After about 10 minutes of talking I decided 100% this place has the perfect backbone for us to collaborate with more than happily and we cancelled all other joints. As artists, as trades, as the curious, as a community space to come together, it's a beautiful thing and having a fully vegan space to call home again alongside that is a rad exiting thing.

This short video pretty much explains why it's the perfect environment for Resist!

Please watch this video about free memberships being offered out to artists. This is not a political post from The HackSpace  They are simply wanting to support artists and that is just a damn well nice thing.

We'll say it......f*ck the Tories and what they are doing to this country and our communities. Protest and change comes a big part from the arts. Without it, we're lost. Artists!! Please keep filling this world with YOU!

Big love. Resist!

More about our home...

The HackSpace is a place to create, build and socialise under the commonality of Science and Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics [STEAM]. 

The HackSpace is a community workshop and co-working environment for anyone that wishes to discover the beauty of creating, making and STEAM.

The HackSpace provides facilities that are often too specialised and inaccessible to those outside of industry.

The HackSpace is not just a workshop, a co-working environment or a MakerSpace, it is a community hub. Without you bringing your skills, your ambition and enthusiasm, without your knowledge and expertise, The HackSpace is just home to a bunch of (really cool and expensive) tools. 

We want to build a community of people, all united in STEAM! creating awesome projects for fun and for function. We engage with various local groups that offer support to marginalised and vulnerable people as well people experiencing financial hardship. We are trying to build something incredible for Peterborough, we can't do that without you.



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