Our Time At The Key Theatre Ends This Weekend... for now?

Hi all,

Firstly thank you all for your incredible support over the last few weeks for our time at The Key Theatre. We've always had the most wonderful customers and this period has been no exception. We consider everyone as part of our extended family.

It's been a beautiful experience for us, tiring, but an absolute blast. Making number one TripAdvisor restaurant as a fully vegan establishment has been rad. Skating into the river not so.

Our contract runs out on May 5th, this coming Sunday. This will be our last weekend of opening in the beautiful setting of the Theatre. We do not know yet whether we will be back. Hopefully, we’ll be able to update in a couple of weeks, although we cannot be certain. It's a strange position to be in.

So it's looking like we'll be closed for May, so come and celebrate this amazing achievement that you have all been a part of.

We hope to see as many of you this weekend as possible for our final service (Thursday 2nd May - Sunday 5th May). We'll have the Hash High Tower Burger as well as other goodness.

Your support and custom has meant the world to the team at Resist!

Let's make it count!

Keep it real,

Gareth & Lynn



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